Killer Plan by Leigh Russell

Review published on May 27, 2015. Reviewed by Fiona Atley

Nudge Reviewer Rating:

This is the seventh in a series, but perfectly readable on its own. Set in London it starts with the murder of Dave Robinson. We know who did it but not exactly why until later in the story. The detective assigned to the case is Geraldine Steel, a feisty yet sensitive officer who stops at nothing to solve the case. The plot was excellent with plenty of twists and red herrings. The last third of the story, involving the kidnap of a young boy, was genuinely scary and made me hold my breath more than once. There were a couple of sub plots which it might have been easier to follow if the whole series had been read, but it didn’t distract from the main plot. Geraldine’s past is referred to and we learn she hasn’t always had an easy time in the Met. It’s always pleasing for me to find good British crime novels, it seems easier to follow when we can understand the acronyms and relate to the place names. This was definitely one of the better ones and I will be looking out for more from this author.

– Fiona Atley

Killer Plan by Leigh Russell, published by No Exit Press on 27th May, 2015 at £8.99

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