After Isabella by Rosie Fiore

When Esther’s childhood best friend Isabella dies of cancer, she is devastated. Years later, she is brought together with Isabella’s sister Sally, who cared for Isabella in her last days, and who subsequently nursed their mother through years of dementia.

English professor Esther sees shy, innocent Sally emerge from a life of isolation and loneliness. But as Esther herself suffers blow after blow, and sees her carefully ordered life collapse around her, she is forced to contemplate the notion of friendship and trust. Do the ones we hold dearest always have our best interests at heart?





‘An all round enjoyable read but in parts will make you think hard about your own friendships with individual people.’

– Louise Riddleston


‘This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, I laughed, I felt emotional and I felt sympathy, all crammed in from one book.’

– Sara Jordan


‘The characters are well-written and believable, the subject matter both poignant and uplifting.’

– Lorna Cant


‘It’s a grown up, ‘real’ look at a forty something woman who is coming to terms with what she has lost, and still has yet to find.’

– K. MacKenzie


‘This really is one of the most satisfying books I have read this year.’

– Linda Hepworth


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