Foxes Unearthed

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Foxes Unearthed- Lucy Jones

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As one of the largest predators left in Britain, the fox is captivating: a comfortably familiar figure in country landscapes; an intriguing flash of bright-eyed wildness in towns. Yet no other animal attracts such controversy, has provoked more column inches, or been so ambiguously woven into British culture over centuries, perceived variously as a beautiful animal, a cunning rogue, a vicious pest, and a worthy foe. As well as being the most ubiquitous of wild animals, it is also the least understood. In “Foxes Unearthed,” Lucy Jones investigates the truth about foxes in a media landscape that often carries complex agendas. Delving into fact, fiction, folklore, and her own family history, Lucy travels the length of Britain to find out first-hand why these animals incite such passionate emotions, revealing the rich and complex relationship with one of the country’s most loved and most vilified wild animals. This compelling narrative adds much-needed depth to the debate on foxes, asking what attitudes towards the red fox say about people and, ultimately, about Britain’s relationship with the natural world