The Return of Norah Wells by Virginia Macgregor

The Return of Norah Wells by Virginia Macgregor

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An nb Recommended Read in the Autumn 2016 issue of nb magazine.


One ordinary morning, Norah Wells walked out of her house on Willoughby Street and never looked back. Six years later, she returns to the home she left only to find another woman in her place. Fay held Norah’s family together after she disappeared, she shares a bed with Norah’s husband and Norah’s youngest daughter calls Fay ‘Mummy’.

Now that Norah has returned, everyone has questions. Where has she been? Why did she leave? And why is she back? As each member of the family tries to find the answers they need, they must also face up to the most pressing question of all – what happens to The Mother Who Stayed when The Mother Who Left comes back?


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The Return of Norah Wells* by Virginia Macgregor, published by Sphere on 20 October in paperback at £7.99


* originally published in hardback as The Astonishing Return of Norah Wells


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