Destination… Murder? Part Two

Article published on January 10, 2011.



  • Michael DuffyThe Tower
  • John DaleDark Angel, The Dogs are Barking
  • Peter DoyleGet Rich Quick, Amaze Your Friends, The Devil’s Jump
  • Peter Corris – Cliff Hardy series – The Dying Trade, White Meat, The Marvellous Boy, The Empty Beach, Heroin Annie, Make Me Rich, Wet Graves, Salt & Blood, Saving Billie, Open File etc.
  • Melissa Chan – Too Rich
  • Paul ThomasFinal Cut, The Empty Bed
  • Garry Disher – Wyatt novels – Crosskill


  • Fergus HumeThe Mystery of a Hansom Cab
  • Kerry Greenwood – Phryne Fisher mysteries – Cocaine Blues, Flying Too High, Murder on the Ballarat Train, Murder on a Midsummer Night, Dead Man’s Chest etc.
  • June WrightMurder in the Telephone Exchange, So Bad a Death, The Devil’s Caress, Reservation for Murder, Faculty of Murder, Make-Up for Murder
  • Shane Maloney – Murray Whelan series – Stiff, The Brush-Off, Nice Try, The Big Ask, Something Fishy, Sucked In
  • J. R. CarrollCheaters, Blindside etc.
  • Carolyn MorwoodThe Blessing File, An Uncertain Death, A Simple Death
  • Caroline ShawCat Catcher
  • Lindy Cameron –Kit O’Malley mysteries – Thicker Than Water, Blood Guilt, Bleeding Hearts
  • Garry Disher – Inspector Challis series – The Dragon Man, Kittyhawk Down, Snapshot, Chain of Evidence, Blood Moon

New Zealand

North Island

  • Ngaio Marsh – Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn mysteries – Vintage Murder


  • Andrea JutsonSenseless, The Darkness Looking Back
  • Paul ThomasOld School Tie, Inside Dope, Guerrilla Season
  • Chad TaylorDeparture Lounge, Electric
  • P. C. Laird – The Shadow World


  • Ngaio Marsh – Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn mysteries – Colour Scheme


  • Laurie Mantell – DS Steve Arrow series – Murder in Fancy Dress, A Murder or Three, Murder and Chips, Murder to Burn, Murder in Vain
  • Denis Edwards Miramar Morning

South Island

  • Ngaio Marsh – Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn mysteries –Died in the Wool, Photo-Finish


  • Ngaio Marsh – Chief Inspector Roderick Alleyn mysteries –Vintage Murder, Died in the Wool
  • Paul CleaveThe Cleaner, The Killing Hour, Cemetery Lake



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