Stef Penney on The Invisible Ones

Article published on September 13, 2011.

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Small-time private investigator Ray Lovell veers between paralysis and delirium in a hospital bed. But before the accident that landed him there, he had promised to find Rose Janko.

Rose was married to the charismatic son of a travelling gypsy family, Ivo Janko. When Ray starts to investigate her disappearance he’s surprised that her family are so hostile towards him. The Jankos have not had an easy past. They are a clan touched by tragedy – either they are cursed, or they are hiding a terrible secret.

Could it be that Rose’s discovery of that secret led to her disappearance all those years ago? Soon Ray wishes that he’d never asked the question.

In a novel that is totally different from Stef Penney’s extraordinary debut, The Tenderness of Wolves, she shows herself once more to be a matchless storyteller.


Neil Cross


Lethal Investments, by KO Dahl

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