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Article published on October 17, 2011.

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Debrett’s: A Modern Royal Marriage offers an exclusive perspective on the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. This beautiful book celebrates and commemorates their relationship, from their first dates right up to the marriage ceremony and honeymoon, and is sumptuously illustrated with gorgeous photographs and filled with quirky facts about the royal couple. The Debrett’s experts also provide an insight into the royals themselves, with a biography of both William and Kate, the Royal Family tree and the genealogy of the Middleton family. There is a section devoted entirely to the wedding ceremony, with details of The Dress, bridesmaids, flowers, music and Westminster Abbey, and the role the iconic building has played in Royal Weddings through the ages. Debrett’s: A Modern Royal Marriage is a unique book and the perfect Royal Wedding companion.


Enter to become one of three winners to win a copy of Simon and Schuster’s new book, Debrett’s: A Modern Marriage!  To enter, just answer this one question before 31 October, the answer of which is available on Bookdiva:

Which of the following did Kate Middleton choose to leave out of her wedding vows?


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