Just My Typo: From Sinning with the Choir to the Large Hardon Collider, by Drummond Moir

Review published on November 21, 2012.Reviewed by Jess Reid

Sometimes they’re pretty mundane (mixing up a few letters or missing out a bit of punctuation) but sometimes they can change the meaning of an entire sentence. For example the man who texted his wife saying that he was taking the boys for a leisurely wank on the beach. Just My Typo is a collection of typos that made it passed the spell check, the writer, the editor and into the public eye from the hilarious, the heart stopping and the downright insane.

‘From sinning with the choir’ to ‘the large Hardon Collider’ Drummond Moir’s book contains some of the greatest and funniest typos ever to grace the pages of literature, politics, religion and the media. With the typos split up into handy sections it is easy to find your favourite mistakes that made it to print. Without a doubt my favourite section of the book was the texting typos. Also seen on the website ‘damn you autocorrect’ texting typos are by far the funniest typos you will ever find. It’s almost worth getting an i-phone just to witness them; it makes living in the twenty-first century worthwhile.
Some of the typos are incredibly funny (especially one from a child who professed that Joseph had a goat of many colours…I don’t remember that from the Lloyd Webber musical…) and some of them aren’t as great. There were some that were pure genius – honestly you couldn’t have made them up – and some that made no sense at all. Obviously in an entire compilation of cock-ups not every single one is going to make you burst out laughing but there were a few I read and thought ‘I don’t get it.’

Just My Typo is a fantastic collection of slip-ups that will make you cough, choke and cry laughing. It’s an easy, quick read if you want a good laugh and you don’t have to think too much about it either. Moir’s is the kind of book you can read time and time again and never get bored. A book like this will be an instant hit with anyone who loves pointing out when someone has screwed up. It’s certainly one of my new favourites, to be honest Moir had me at ‘large Hardon Collider.’


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