An extract from Mob Rule, by Hannah Evans

Article published on January 24, 2013.

You know you’ve joined the MOB when you hear…
‘My, are they all yours?’
‘Bless you!’ (Occasionally)
‘Poor you!’ (Frequently)
‘Lucky you!’ (Once)
And of course, the ultimate: ‘So … are you going for a girl?’

Hannah Evans has three small boys. In her world, farting is so much more interesting than phonics, dam-building trumps damsels in distress any day and, astonishingly, she now instinctively knows the difference between a Frontloader and a JCB. It’s a world of mud – and just occasionally blood – sweat and tears. It is also a world of indescribable joy.

Supplemented by recipes, quizzes, mnemonics and mysteries, it is the indispensible book for anyone who finds themselves adrift on a sea of testosterone, wondering when the lifeboat is going to show up.

You may be outnumbered, your face may be frazzled and your toe-nails black and bare, but know that, far from being alone, you’re part of a very special club. Welcome to … the MOB!

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