An extract from The Execution of Noa P. Singleton

Extract published on June 25, 2013.

[product sku=”9780755399505″]At just twenty-five, Noa P. Singleton was confined to death row for the murder of Sarah Dixon. For nearly ten years she has languished there, and in six months she will be executed. It’s a fate she has long resigned herself to. But the victim’s mother, Marlene, has other plans. With little time remaining, she visits Noa, intent upon invoking a clemency appeal. 

What can have prompted this change of heart? And how and why did Noa kill Sarah Dixon? As Noa tells her story, an unapologetic tale of love, anguish and deception emerges that is as unpredictable as its narrator. And two women, linked by murder but with very different goals, wait with growing tension for the final decision on Noa’s fate.


Elizabeth L Silver introduces her novel The Execution Of Noa P. Singleton


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