An extract from Unfaithfully Yours, by Nigel Williams

Extract published on July 10, 2013.

[product sku=”9781472106742″]When Elizabeth Price engages private detective Roland ‘Orlando’ Gibbons to find out the truth about her husband’s suspected affair, she unwittingly sets off a chain of correspondence that reunites four formerly close-knit couples. They all live just a few suburban streets away from each other; they are all still married; so how – and why – did they become so estranged? In a series of letters – from love notes to condolence messages (the latter one arriving some years late) – each protagonist is far more self-revealing than they would ever be in person. The result is an uproarious and poignant portrait of four marriages, and a story about how little we know those we think we know best.

Nigel Williams’ new novel of suburban intrigue and late-flowering lust (and love) Unfaithfully Yours heralds the return of one of the country’s finest comic writers, in peak condition: all hail Nigel Williams, chronicler of England’s sleepy suburbs, where all is not quite as cricket as it seems…



An extract from Sweet Salt Air, by Barbara Delinksy


The Pleasures of Summer, by Evie Hunter

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