Channel Blue, by Jay Martel

Review published on February 28, 2014.Reviewed by jj redfearn

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Imagine a world where even the budderflies run on … no, thats a been done. Imagine a world where everything that happens is decided and directed by weather forecasters trying to make themselves seem exciting … no, that been done too. How about a world where those with most power and influence come from the entertainment business … no, after Elizabeth I, Raygun and Governator you don’t have to imagine that one. What about a world that is one big reality TV show, run by Producers, Executive Producers, Executive Executive Producers, Executive Executive Executive Producers, Elvis and Gerald O. Davidoff, aka G.O.D. That show is on Channel Blue.

Everything is being watched by bored aliens. Flies and spy cameras watch and broadcast to audiences of billions. Like a world-scale you’ve been framed or candid camera or even Noel’s house party. Channel Blue used to be a top rating show, but the novelty’s gone, its jaded audience moved on to watch other shows, other planets. When a show loses its audience the producers try more outrageous, more unusual stunts, but in the end it has to be axed. With a grand finale. An end of the world shaped grand finale. Planned, scheduled, rolling.

Perry is a POF and failed screenwriter who therefore teaches screenwriting for beginners at the Encino Community College, because what else can you do when you can’t? It falls to Perry to save the world. If he can. If he can be bothered. With the help of his stunning assistant Amanda. Gotta have a stunning assistant if you’re going to save the world.

Despite everything Perry can do, with lots of humour, quiet digs at society and behaviour and some nice science fiction touches (especially the lifts, love the lifts) the pace cracks along to the inevitable conclusion. A quirkiness reminiscent of Douglas Adams makes Channel Blue entertaining, but not quite lol.


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