Read an extract from Barcelona Shadows, by Marc Pastor

Extract published on October 8, 2014.

CSI meets Jack the Ripper in early-twentieth century Barcelona.

On the grime-infested backstreets of Barcelona, the locals believe a vampire is at work. Children are going missing. A body is found, twisted and drained of blood. It’s as if the Devil himself haunts the shadows, spiriting away the innocent.

To the police, it just means more corpses in a city where death is a daily occurrence. Who cares about the children of a few prostitutes and thieves? But Inspector Moises Corvo – jaded, dissolute, yet with an uncanny sixth sense – knows that this time, something is horribly different. To discover the true identity of the monster that stalks the streets, he must somehow infiltrate its depraved mindset…

Suffused with ghoulish discoveries, Gothic twists and dissolute characters, shot through with a thread of black humour, Barcelona Shadows is richly atmospheric and satisfyingly spine-chilling. This novel is what would happen if the spirits of Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe and Sergio Leone teamed up to produce a blockbusting crime thriller, with a dash of Mediterranean panache…

Marc PastorAbout the author

Marc Pastor works as a crime-scene investigator in Barcelona, where he has lived all his life. He has written four novels: Montecristo, Barcelona Shadows, L’any de la plaga and Bioko. His highly-praised work spans a range of genres, from Sci Fi to Gothic via the adventure novel.


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