FREE daily chapter of November by E.P.Rose

TABLE13BOOKS is embarking upon an exciting experiment in publishing…

Every day in November you can read a chapter from E.P. Rose’s new novel; ‘NOVEMBER, Ralph Conway’s Immortal Diary’.

The book will be published mid December – so you’ll be getting it before anyone else!

What’s the book about?

Ralph Conway is a messed-up master-of-wine.

What with being unable to do his job,
and his girlfriend going on hunger strike,
and everything in the world being so crap,
he concludes that suicide is obviously the sensible option,
so he kills himself,
only to discover that he seems to be immortal.

This is Ralph Conway’s diary, written as the reality of immortality dawns.

You can read the preface now

Then log on to every day in November to read a chapter

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