The Insect Farm

Article published on March 6, 2015.

Stuart Prebble has enjoyed an amazing career. In his early broadcasting days he was producer and editor of the World In Action current affairs series and in April, 2001 he was promoted to CEO of ITV. Later he left ITV to form his own production company. He was the executive producer and writer of the 2003 – Grumpy Old Men series for BBC2. He is also an acclaimed writer of fiction and non-fiction. Among his publications are two novels, five comedy books based on the Grumpy Old Men TV series and, more recently, a book about the Falklands War, Secrets of the Conqueror, published by Faber and Faber in 2012.

Stuart Prebble (c) Rick AddisonHis latest novel is a thriller entitled The Insect Farm. Brothers Jonathan and Roger Maguire each has an obsession. For Jonathan, it is his beautiful and talented girlfriend Harriet. For Roger, it is the elaborate universe he has constructed in a shed in their parents’ garden, populated by millions of tiny insects.

But Roger lives in an impenetrable world of his own and, after the mysterious death of their parents, his brother Jonathan is forced to give up his studies to take care of him. This obligation forces Jonathan to live apart from Harriet – further fuelling his already jealous nature.

Their lives are abruptly shattered by a sudden and violent death, and Jonathan is drawn into a cat-and-mouse game with the police. Does Roger know more than he is letting on? A cleverly plotted mystery with a shock ending, The Insect Farm will linger long in the mind of its readers.

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Stuart Prebble (c) Rick Addison


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