The Story of Alice by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst

Article published on March 31, 2015.

Would Alice Underground (the planned title) by Charles Dodgson have done as well? Perhaps not, but then we would have been denied the many flights of imagination that Lewis Carroll included in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, the White Rabbit disappearing down the hole, the bottle marked ‘Drink Me’, expressions like ‘Curiouser and curiouser!’, the smile of the Cheshire cat – all securely lodged in our conscious and subconscious minds.

So it’s timely that The Story of Alice by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst has come along to celebrate the last 150 years.

You can read more about the new book elsewhere on nudge  ‎but the story for us here is that our very own Cath Turner is going along to the launch at The Dorchester for an Alice afternoon Tea where she will be served an array of sandwiches, warm scones with of course lots of cream and strawberry jam, drink tea and a have a few glasses of bubbly. That’s all before the cakes!

We expect a report in full – with pictures – in due course but this correspondent has to admit to ever-so-slight envy at such a nice way to spend an afternoon.

The Story of Alice by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst is published by Harvill Secker hbk 26th March 2015.

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