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Article published on April 13, 2015.

Are we living in a new age of enlightenment? Yes, there have always been festivals but since the turn of the century there seems to have been mushroom-like growth in the world of literary festivals.

Chipping Norton’s has to resort to the rather ungainly web address of chiplitfest.com – not least to distinguish itself from cnmf.org.uk – the town’s music festival, and chippyfest.com – the Rotary Club’s celebration of the town.

So, assuming your primary interest is bookish then you can find out the who, what and where at http://www.chiplitfest.com/. (We can tell you the when – 23-26 April.)

The point of this piece is to ask you – if you are going – to send us a report of what your experience was like. Because elsewhere on the nudge-book.com site you will find a steadily growing selection of pieces by OUR INTREPID REPORTER. Not one person travelling the country – no, you, our readers reporting back on what your event was like. So whether it’s chiplitfest, AN Other festival or an author event organised by your local library drop us a line and we’ll do our best to spread the news.

Email us at news@nudge-book.com

Guy Pringle, April 2015


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