PEOPLE WE LIKE: Barry Forshaw

Article published on April 10, 2015.

Barry Forshaw is one of the few people I know who actually has his own Wikipedia entry where it tells you he is ‘a writer and journalist whose books include British Crime Writing: An Encyclopedia and The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction, along with books on Italian cinema , film noir and the first UK biography of Stieg Larsson, The Man Who Left Too Soon. He has written on books and films for many newspapers and magazines; he also edits Crime Time, and is one of the talking heads for the ITV Crime Thriller author profiles. He records documentaries on crime fiction and film for a variety of BBC  producers for both TV and radio, along with much work for foreign broadcasters. He has been Vice Chair of the Crime Writers’ Association. As well as his specialist area of books (in most genres), he writes on film and all aspects of the arts (popular and serious). In a previous career he was an illustrator, working for both The Natural History Museum and Jackie.’

And the reason we like Barry is because he is an occasional contributor to nudge (just search with Barry Forshaw to see his previous pieces). Better still, he is soon to be involved in newbooks. And if you are a crime fiction aficionado but don’t know about Crime Time then here’s the lowdown on what you’ll find there:


The Key Online Journal of Crime Fiction
Crime Time offers a unique, cutting-edge vision of the defining fictional form of the 20th (and 21st) centuries. Featuring reviews of all current fiction, features, articles and coverage of fictional crime in all media (from page to screen), Crime Time also showcases the best writing on crime fiction of the past.


Guy Pringle, April 2015


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