SF, Maths Geeks and Kissing

Article published on May 1, 2015.

Resistance really does seem to be futile in the face of the Jenny Colgan juggernaut. This is a woman who writes hugely popular novels, wins prizes, writes Doctor Who episodes in her spare time and has now decided to write her first science fiction novel entitled, you’ve guessed it, Resistance is Futile.

Jenny ColganStill, genre-tourism is becoming a thing these days what with JKR writing crime thrillers and nearly everyone giving Young Adult fiction a go, so who’s to say that Jenny Colgan won’t be challenging for a Hugo soon enough. This is the first of two books and it’s been described by her publishers, Orbit, as “Bridget Jones meets ‘The Big Bang Theory’ meets ‘Independence Day’”. Bit more info required? Well, what do you get if you take the square root of a love story, multiply by an awkward mathematician, add on extra-terrestrial life-forms and cringe-worthy close encounters? You get Resistance is Futile, a whirlwind adventure about love, friendship and the total obliteration of mankind.

Resistance is Futile focuses on young mathematician, Connie, who is recruited to work on a top secret government project along with an oddball bunch of scientists. As a high-ranking mathematician in a male-dominated field – with bright red hair – Connie’s used to being considered a little unusual. But she’s nowhere near as peculiar as Luke, who is recruited to work alongside her on a top-secret code breaking project. Just what is this bizarre sequence they’re studying? It isn’t a solution to the global energy crisis. It isn’t a new wavelength to sell microwave ovens. The numbers are trying to tell them something and it seems only Luke knows what. The truth is out there. Will Connie dare to find it?

In this her SF debut, Jenny Colgan boldly goes where no author has been before and it’s definitely worth the ride. Matt Haig has called it “a riotous cocktail of action, maths geeks, and kissing. I enjoyed every single page.” And so will you!

Read an extract from Resistance Is Futile

Bert Wright – Editor – The Nudge List
Jenny T. Colgan (c) Charlie Hopkinson


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