What Remains by Tim Weaver

Article published on July 3, 2015.

Tim Weaver is a former journalist turned crime writer who is about to publish What’s Missing, the sixth novel in his David Raker series which is beginning to show the staying power that sustains all of the best crime writing series.

Colm Healy used to be one of the Met’s best detectives until, haunted by the unsolved murders of a mother and her twin daughters, his life was left in ruins.  His failure to find an elusive killer or even a motive for such a merciless crime, consumed him and his career, and cost him his family.

Missing persons investigator David Raker is the only friend Healy has left. He’s the only one who understands that redemption rests on solving these murders. As they re-open the investigation together, Raker learns the hard way how this case breeds obsession and how an unsolvable puzzle can break even the bestTim Weaver (c) Bill Waters detective.
Their search will take them down a trail of darkness, unravelling a thread of tragedy spanning years, and force them to sacrifice everything they have left.

Weaver is often credited or criticized for his complex or over-wrought plotlines which can confuse readers – which is why his work is often compared to the TV series Broadchurch, one supposes — but seasoned thriller readers are used to this strategy by now and only the fainthearted will baulk at complexity these days.

Besides, Weaver describes himself as a “massive, massive football fan” and supports Arsenal which rather disposes you favourably towards a very discerning young writer. If he, or David Raker, can solve the greater mystery of why Arsenal can no longer win championships he can give up the day job, but on this showing that would be a foolish strategy because right now David Raker looks to be in extremely good nick….a bit like Alexis Sanchez.

Bert Wright, Editor – The Nudge List

Tim Weaver (c) Bill Waters

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