DÉJÀ VU by Ian Hocking

Saskia Brandt, an FIB detective, David Proctor, and his daughter Jennifer try to rediscover the past whilst battling against an adversary who hopes to change history using project Déjà Vu, invented by Jennifer.

From the first chapter Déjà Vu makes gripping reading. It soon becomes clear that Saskia Brandt is unlike any other heroine in a thriller. She is a time-traveller with secrets that she does not fully comprehend and the reader accompanies her on her search for answers,

Déjà Vu is a techno thriller, a hybrid genre drawing on technical details that outline an exciting story. I admit I found some details slightly difficult to follow but a second reading cleared up any misunderstandings on my part.

The characters are credible, the writing style excellent, and the plot is original. The reader is drawn into a complex story and I certainly found my interest captured. Ian Hocking has shown his ability to create a world that is original and fascinating. I look forward to more novels about his world.

Mary Anderson
Personal 5
Group 4

DÉJÀ VU by Ian Hocking
Unsung Stories pbk 2014


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