Killing Eva by Alex Blackmore

Killing Eva is a fast paced thriller (very fast paced) – I could hardly keep up with it and I’m not sure if I ever really understood what was going on. This is not a fault of the writing, which is good. It was obviously intended and really drives the story on. I’m just more used to the comparatively gentler pace of crime novels. Also it might have made more sense if I’d read the first one in the series Lethal Profit as there are continual references to the events and people who appeared in it.

All that said, it was an entertaining read. Eva is young, intelligent and very reckless. She is also being used by a group using genetic modification for (obviously) nefarious purposes. Nearly every page had a plot twist or had Eva running headlong into danger. There is not much characterisation but Eva is likeable enough. The other main characters are often ambiguous so you are never sure who can be trusted (neither is Eva). The genetic modification idea is interesting but not completely believable.

It’s quite a quick read because you have to keep turning the pages to keep up with events! Not sure if there would be much here for book groups to discuss, though.

Maddy Broome
Personal 3
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Killing Eva by Alex Blackmore
978-1-84344-657-6 |No Exit Press pbk 26 Nov 2015



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