The Blue by Lucy Clarke

Article published on November 3, 2015.

This is my first Lucy Clarke book and what a great book it is.  Lana and her best friend since childhood, Kitty, spin a globe and end up in the Philippines.  They meet the crew of The Blue, a yacht destined for New Zealand.  They join them on their journey and enjoy the carefree existence that it offers.  But things take a sinister turn and Lana finds herself at odds with everybody else.

This is a brilliant book.  It’s gripping and I found it very hard to put down.  You can tell Lucy Clarke knows a lot about the sea and sailing because she portrays it so well.  The story is told in chapters titled either ‘then’ or ‘now’ which helps to ramp up the tension as it all unfolds.  I think this should be considered to be one of this year’s best psychological thrillers.  It’s very atmospheric and even though the voyage isn’t quite plain sailing, it still sounds very appealing.  I loved it.

Nicola Smith
Personal 5
Group 5

Harper pbk June 2015


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