Time for Tanechka by NA Millington

It’s difficult to classify this novel. Time travel plays an important part but it is also a love story and a thriller. Lonely, sad Arthur discovers a mysterious egg timer which can transport people to other times and places. He meets Tatiana, a Grand Duchess of 1918 Imperial Russia and together they travel to various historical events. They find that things are not always as portrayed in history books.

I enjoyed the historical episodes especially the one concerning Richard the Lionheart and the Crusades and I liked the development of the relationship between Tatiana and Arthur. However you almost feel it could have made two books as there are so many other strands and the plot does seem to be needlessly complicated. I found some of the parts where they are being pursued by a jewel thief who has the only other egg timer to be rather tedious and the whole book would benefit by some good editing. This is a shame as the author has created two very likeable and memorable characters, the last part with the Russian royal family is dramatic and thrilling and the historical episodes are well reseached, interesting and amusing. The author has just tried to cram too much into one book.

Berwyn Peet
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Time for Tanechka by NA Millington
9781784622091 Matador pbk Jan 2015


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