Brett Easton Ellis and Other Dogs by Lina Wolffgs

This book is set in Spain and is a collection of stories which have been woven together in a playful and interesting way. The main character is Araceli Villalobos and we learn about her life through her own testimony and from the people she knows. Alba Cambo is a mysterious writer. Blosom comes to live with Araceli and her mother after her son is killed in an accident. Ignacio Reyes is the village priest ‘tried’ by the villagers and Muriel and Paco Parra – well, you will have to read that yourself!

The book has been translated from Swedish by Frank Perry and this is well done. It is sad/funny/shocking in equal measure and I enjoyed the descriptions of the heat and the landscape.

Dorothy Anderson
Personal 3
Group 3

Brett Easton Ellis andOther Dogs by Lina Wolffgs
978-1-908276-64-3|And Other Stories pbk Jan 2016



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