SECOND OPINION: Blood Axe by Leigh Russell

Review published on January 30, 2016.

The tale opens with the warrior, on the look out for his target, any target that meets the requirements – with his axe. He finds a target and launches a brutal attack before carefully and silently slipping into the darkness, leaving blood and horror in his wake. DI Ian Paterson is on the case, soon another body is found and it becomes clear someone needs to stop this maniac and soon. Whilst dealing with a killer and trying to discover a motive, Paterson is having some marital troubles to contend with also. Can he find and stop this killer whilst simultaneously managing his personal life or will it all prove too much for DI Paterson?

I have read a few books from Russell – although they have been the Steel series – and whilst this is the third in the DI Paterson series I don’t think I am at a loss starting here. The chapters alternate between the killer and his hunt to the police and their investigation. It works well and the story runs smoothly, the murder weapon is an axe so if you have a weak stomach this may be a tad much for you – it is not overly gory, however I feel an fyi is warranted.

The pace is well set, you not only have the investigation, the murder and any related characters linked to both, you also have the personal side of DI Paterson. Moving to a new town has strained his relationship and from the off you pick up on that. It gives insight into what goes on out with a serious police investigation and what officers have to contend with and still remain focused.

This doesn’t detract from the story, in fact I think it helps to give more connection to your characters. There are some twists and shocks along the way which just gave some more oomph to the story I feel. 4/5 for me this time, I must say I have enjoyed this book the most of all the ones I have read and may even seek out the earlier ones in the series.

Lainy Swanson
PS Facing the opening page is a glossary of acronyms – I love this. There are so many books that have them and even if it tells you early on, sometimes you forget what they stand for, this aids the reader and enjoyment of the story, well it did for me.

Blood Axe by Leigh Russell

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SECOND OPINION: Blood Axe by Leigh Russell


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