The House of Wolfe by James Carlos Blake

Review published on January 22, 2016.

On one level I found this book incredibly disappointing and on another it was a gripping, absorbing kidnapping tale. Disappointing because I approached it having read Country of the Bad Wolfes which I loved for its substance and history and I suppose I was expecting more of the same Wolfe family saga which I didn’t get.

Instead I got a thrilling, edge of the seat story where the Wolfe involvement was almost incidental and the story would have made a darn good read with or without the Wolfes for the most part. And so, if I can divorce myself from the initial expectation then I would have to say that I did enjoy this book very much.

Blake is a bold writer, fearless in his depiction of violence and convincing in its brutality. Not a work for the faint hearted but plenty of ingenuity and guts from the characters. An impeccably constructed human heist plan is enthralling in its precision and attention to detail. The kidnappers seem to have thought of everything and left nothing to chance. There is no sentiment in this book, no remorse. It cascades on a wave of ruthless ambition. And in the capable hands of Mr. Blake it doesn’t falter for a second.

Fortunately it isn’t a long book, I’m not sure I could have stood the pace if it had matched the length of the Country of the Bad Wolfes!! Of its genre it works well. It’s an entertaining if draining read!

Gill Chedgey

The House of Wolfe by James Carlos Blake
No Exit Press pbk July 2015

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