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Article published on January 11, 2016.

If your reading group is lucky enough to have a Jean then your first meeting of 2016 will probably include the group verdict on what you’d read in 2015. Indeed, at one meeting last year – when Jean wasn’t even there – we debated whether we chose more male than female authors’ work to discuss. Soon afterwards, back came this:

Can go back a few years with ease.
2006  M6  F5
2007  M4  F8
2008  M5  F5
2009  M8  F3
2010  M6  F6
2011  M6  F6
2012  M6  F6
2014  M6  F6
2013 there appears to have been a bit of a blip – M2   F10  !!!!  Apart from that, considering we are mostly, in fact ALMOST entirely women, that’s not bad for balance eh?

Truly impressive. Anyway, here are the placings and votes for what we read last year. Yes, there are shortlisted titles, books made into films and personal enthusiasms (guess who suggested The Thing about December?) but Cannery Row was a left field choice, partly because it is short and . . . it blew us all away.

It is now my duty to push you in the direction of our Books of the Year voting which can be found here but if you have your group’s 2015 voting do let me know.

The Scores
1 Cannery Row 39
2 Stoner           29
3 The Thing about December   24
4 Harvest         23
5 The Narrow Road 21
6 Breakfast at Tiffanys 20
7 The Shock of the Fall 7
8 Testament of Youth 6
9 The Lighthouse 6
10 The Dark 5
11 The Songlines 5
12 The Newlyweds 4

Guy Pringle
Jan 11th, 2016


ONE TO WATCH OUT FOR: Lover by Anna Raverat


Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

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