ALW: OVER by Margaret Forster

Article published on February 9, 2016.


In 2007/8 I read most of Forster’s fictional work including Over. Reading it again, after the recent loss of my Mum, it resonates strongly with my feelings about loss.

Mum Louise, Dad Don, daughter Molly and son Finn are trying to come to terms with the loss of Molly’s twin sister Miranda in a sailing accident. Although Louise is the narrator, we still get a rounded viewpoint of the rest of the family’s feelings through Margaret’s clever writing. Sad, moving, heartbreaking at times, the story leaves us with hope that although life is different after losing someone close, it can perhaps move on into something worthwhile.

I am glad I read this novel again; there is something so very ordinary about the story but the telling of it is dealt with in a particularly touching way. Margaret Forster is a truly wonderful writer; her books are to be treasured and re-read!

Helen Gough 


ALW: LADY’S MAID by Margaret Forster


ALW: MOTHER CAN YOU HEAR ME? by Margaret Forster

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