Article published on February 9, 2016.

This non-fiction book traces the lives of eight women, between 1839-1939, fighting for women’s rights in widely differing spheres, and in very different circumstances.

It reveals the unjust and shocking treatment of women in these fields, and how the courage, tenacity and endless hard work of the ‘sisters’ brought about change although not always in their lifetime.

I found these eight biographies as riveting as any bestseller novel. The historical details, as well as the women’s personal lives with their conflicts and ambiguities, make fascinating reading. We are not spared access to their faults and failings but it is humbling to read how their dedication and compassion achieved what seemed to be the impossible.

Highly recommended for those interested in feminist issues, and reading groups will find a wealth of material within each biography to discuss.

Angela Sinden-Morris 


ALW: PRECIOUS LIVES by Margaret Forster


ALW: DAPHNE DU MAURIER by Margaret Forster

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