WHAT WE ARE READING: Running Free by Richard Askwith

Article published on February 18, 2016.

I have been sprinting through two books this weekend, the first is Running Free by Richard Askwith. This is not a book I would have normally selected purely because I am not a runner, normally preferring two wheels, but it had appeared on the Wainwright Prize longlist last year, so it has got to be worth reading, right? Askwith has not only gone back to what he describes as free running, avoiding the latest tech for which sports companies now charge the earth. He has also, through his running, learnt to love the countryside that he runs through every morning.
The other book that I have just ventured into is The Northmen’s Fury by Philip Parker. It is a history of the Vikings from the 8th century and the major influence that they had on Ireland, the UK and Europe with their brutal and aggressive raids, their mastery over the sea but it is also about the sophisticated cultural changes that came with their occupation. Fascinating so far.

Paul Cheney


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