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Article published on March 11, 2016.

BookChap is such a wide ranging field from which to choose a Book of the Year but Trigger Mortis has all the ingredients you would expect. James Bond is probably the best known fictional character in the world thanks to the films. The original novels, however, are much less read these days. Indeed, Susannah Perkins’ nudge review of The Spectre Trilogy was damning of Ian Fleming’s work. Indeed, it is almost a cliché to reel off the un-PC inadequacies.

Employ the services of a master storyteller like Anthony Horowitz, though, and the whole enterprise is reinvigorated. He even manages to seamlessly include an original chapter of Fleming’s, not seen before. As the Guardian said, “Horowitz certainly comes closer than most to solving the Bond conundrum.”

Alfred Hitchcock

BookChap Book of the Year Runner-up

As for the runner up, our own Bert Wright encapsulated this book perfectly, “Genius and common decency are not always on nodding terms in great men but the biographer’s art requires a fully-rounded picture, something which Peter Ackroyd, a rigorous exponent of the genre, generally delivers. Alfred Hitchcock [the book] wrests the director’s chair back from the master of control and discovers what lurks just out of sight, in the corner of the shot.”


Trigger Mortis was featured on the nudge List when it came out last September – read more here – and will be out in paperback on 19th May from Oriontrigger-mortis-paperback


What our voters said about Trigger Mortis…

It’s Bond and beyond

Abdul, London

An awesome mantle to assume in writing Bond and Anthony Horowitz does it in spades

Martin, Falkirk

Another brilliant engrossing novel

Sue, Alford

Loves his books and like the punning title

Norah, Tysoe


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