Dead Pretty by David Mark

Hannah Kelly has been missing for nine months. Ava Delaney has been dead for five days. One girl to find. One girl to avenge. DS Hector McAvoy won’t let either of them go until justice can be done.

This is the first DS McAvoy book I have read but the fifth in the series. Some of the scenarios relevant to previous books meant nothing to me but this did not spoil my enjoyment. This is my favourite genre and I am always pleased to discover a new author.

Some of the characters are a little odd, including McAvoy himself. I have to say I was a little confused when Trish Pharaoh, McAvoy’s boss, appeared to be cavorting with the main suspect, Reuben Hollow, but all was explained later in the book.
Pharaoh, as a character, does not endear herself to the reader, although she has numerous problems, including the case itself, personal problems as her husband is in a near vegetative state after a stroke, and a rebellious daughter. She is drinking heavily in order to cope with all of this.

I have an interest in Hull as my Grand-dad was born there, although I am not familiar with the city. Like other cities, it has its salubrious aspects and these were used as a backdrop to the story. The book is gripping and, at times, a little shocking in its detail. The plot is dark with obsession as its central theme. It has an ending which came as a surprise to me as I didn’t see it coming. Loved it!

Dorothy Flaxman
Personal 5
Group 3

Dead Pretty by David Mark
9781444798104|Mulholland Books Jan 2016





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