BB21C: History’s Greatest Deceptions by Eric Chaline

Article published on April 1, 2016.

Our first Bookchap addition to our growing Best Books of the 21st Century collection – as relevant today just as it was when published in 2010.

It has never ceased to amaze me, the sheer incredulity of people, how gullible they can be over virtually anything. This book sets out to explain why scams and hoaxes, frauds and charlatans, can easily dupe the unwary amongst us. I love this type of book, each chapter is a different story told with authority and relevant detail. All the well known deceptions are here, plus others little known, the Wooden Horse of Troy, Piltdown Man, Crop Circles and the Roswell Incident are just a few examples. What I liked about this book is the way that the people behind these frauds are explained away, and the reasoning behind them.
We all know that financial institutions are quite corrupt, [Ed: allegedly, Reg?] but, without the complicity of the duped, we just rub along, oblivious of the cost and damage, this book may open your eyes to just how easily unsuspecting people can be dragged into the maelstrom.

Reg Seward
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History’s Greatest Deceptions, and the People who Planned Them by Eric Chaline
History Press pbk 9780752457710 Nov 2010



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