In 100 words: Don Quixote

Article published on April 19, 2016.

Reg Seward – our very own Don Quixote – sets the windmills spinning with our latest new strand. And if you can ‘do’ a classic in 100 Words then email

An elderly fan of chivalric literature, Alonso Quijano, decides to become a knight-errant and sets off in search of adventure on his aged mount, Rocinante. He thinks of himself as Don Quixote of La Mancha, imagines a farm girl is his lady love, Dulcinea, and a villager, Sancho Panza, is his squire. Panza’s earthiness contrasts with Quixote’s feverish imagination, but he too is fooled into thinking he has become the governor of an island. The novel’s second part sees Quixote wrestling with the fact that he is now a famous literary character, thanks to the success of the first book.


The Day Of Judgement – Salvatore Satta


Am I Cold by Martin Kongstad

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