Elizabeth Harrower – ‘A Few Days in the Country and Other Stories’

Review published on May 17, 2016.

This was a surprise inclusion in my latest review parcel, so I have to confess that I knew absolutely nothing about Elizabeth Harrower or her work before reading this collection of short stories, most of which are set in her native Australia.

The majority of the stories focus on women: relationships between men and women and women and women – as friends, mothers and daughters or even as work colleagues. Many of the stories are about control and manipulation or of finding inner strength. I particularly liked ‘Alice’, about a mother/daughter relationship and which has the wonderful line “… but he was a follower, too, and two followers together are bound to lose the way.”

However, on the whole I didn’t enjoy this collection of short stories, with the ones I liked being outnumbered by those I either felt indifferent about or just didn’t enjoy. Other readers (or those familiar with Elizabeth Harrower’s other novels) might enjoy this collection more, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Judith Griffith
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Elizabeth Harrower – ‘A Few Days in the Country and Other Stories’
Text 9781925240566 hbk Apr 2016


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