The Ocean of Time by David Wingrove

Review published on May 18, 2016.

I will admit to having had enormous difficulties with this. Firstly because it is the second in a series, and the reader is dropped, seemingly head first, into the plot, which itself is unbelievably complicated, with a cast of thousands!

The novel is about Otto Behr, who dashes through history to save his people. Unfortunately, the time shifts are not episodic, but “all at once”. For example, the book opens in 13th century Russia, with a physician conducting DNA testing. My own battle with the time shifts, I am sorry to say, was lost pretty quickly, as several readers on Amazon have also found, and I couldn’t keep up.

It would be positive, at least, to compensate for my feeble efforts, if I could say that the writing is to be highly recommended, but I cannot, and the dialogue is nothing out of the ordinary (although the plot certainly is!). For readers who are intrigued, and who are sure they can do much better, (and I am sure they can), please read the first book, The Empire of Time, beforehand, it may be of enormous help!

Reading groups of dedicated Sci-Fi enthusiasts might also take to this one. See what you think.

Ruth Ginarlis
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The Ocean of Time by David Wingrove
Del Rey  978-0-091956-17-2 pbk Apr 2016


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