New Pompeii – Daniel Godfrey

Review published on June 13, 2016.

I don’t read many ‘alternative history’ novels but was drawn to Daniel Godfrey’s ‘New Pompeii’ by the story. In the novel, a company called Novus Particles have developed the technology to transport objects and people from the past to the present. They recruit Nick Houghton as their historical advisor for their newest secret project – transplanting the inhabitants of Pompeii just prior to the volcanic eruption that killed them all and relocating them to their new replica of the city. Only it isn’t long before the Romans realise that all is not as it seems…

I really enjoyed reading ‘New Pompeii’. I found the story interesting and Daniel Godfrey does an excellent job of transporting the reader to day-to-day life there. I learnt a lot about Roman life and I also liked the story of the other main character, Kirsten, which is interwoven with Nick’s story and has its own unravelling as the novel progresses.

The novel is an easy read and a page-turner and I think it’s going to be a very popular novel. There is also a sequel due to be published in 2017 and I will be very interested in reading it when it’s released to see how the story develops further.

Judith Griffith 4/4

New Pompeii – Daniel Godfrey
Titan Books 9781783298112 June 2016


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