The Secrets of Happiness by Lucy Diamond

Review published on June 24, 2016.

Rachel travels to Manchester after dropping her kids off at school but tells no-one she is going. Once there she is mugged and wakes in hospital suffering from concussion and unable to speak or communicate either her name or address. With Rachel missing, her step-sister Becca is beckoned to look after the three children. Since their Dad died, the step-sisters have had no contact with each other and have always experienced a strained relationship since childhood. As Becca starts to live Rachel’s life, she soon discovers that the perfect life she believed her sister had is not so perfect after all.

The story unravels with each chapter which are alternately narrated from the viewpoint of each sister. The complications between the two are only able to be rectified when they approach the subject which they have both been avoiding since they were pushed together again.

The characters are very believable and engaging and as a reader you become invested in their fictional lives and can empathise with their various struggles and predicaments.

This is the perfect book to take on holiday with you this year, as it is a very easy and heart-warming read. The plot is highly predictable very early on, however this doesn’t deter from your enjoyment of the book. For anyone who enjoys a book with a happy ending in which all of the plot lines are tied up nicely, then this is a book for you. I would suggest that this book wouldn’t really work for a Book Club read, as the themes are fairly basic covering issues about relationships and family rifts. As a personal read however, I would highly recommend it if you like chick-lit.

Claire Ellis 4/2

The Secrets of Happiness by Lucy Diamond
Pan 9781447299097 pbk Jun 2016


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