Something for the Pain: A Memoir of the Turf

Review published on July 8, 2016.

In this memoir, the author takes us on a gallop through his life, as told through his obsession with horse racing.

I reached the finishing post after a couple of sittings. I liked the style of the writing and found the book an easy and entertaining read. I’m also a lifelong horse racing fan, but as the book is set in Australia I wasn’t familiar with many of the horses and racecourses the author describes, although it was interesting to compare his experiences with my knowledge of British turf history. However, I have no great fascination with the colours the jockeys wear and I found the repeated inclusion of these a bit of a distraction.

Overall, I would recommend this book as a personal read for someone interested in horse racing but I don’t think it would make a good reading group read due to the specialist subject matter.

Julie Drewett 3/1

Something for the Pain: A Memoir of the Turf

Text Publishing 1925240375 pbk May 2016


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