The Revelations of Carey Ravine by Debra Daley

Review published on July 8, 2016.

Carey and her husband, Oliver Nash, are chancers, trying to establish themselves in London society in the 1770s. At first this novel has the feel of a rollicking Georgian romp with a masked ball and some mildly erotic encounters but then a darker side emerges as Carey finds her husband is involved in political intrigue and machinations. There is a rather complicated plot about the cover up of nasty events in India where both Carey and Nash have connections.

The story is told in the first person by Carey and she is a feisty, engaging character. At first she seems very flighty but becomes more complex and admirable as we discover more about her background and as she begins to question her husband’s actions and motives and to confront her illusions about herself. By the end she is a very different person and I liked the way this is portrayed.

There is a lot of period detail but this doesn’t hamper the pace or plot development. The London settings come over well as does the culture and values (or lack of them) of the period. However, while I found it an engaging and pleasant read, it is rather a strange mix, not quite knowing whether it is aiming to be an amusing historical romp or a more serious story exposing the greed and evil of some politicians and businessmen.

Berwyn Peet 3/3

The Revelations of Carey Ravine by Debra Daley
Heron 9781782069935 hbk Jun 2016



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