The Ashes of Berlin by Luke McCallin

Real Readers: The Ashes of Berlin by Luke McCallin

Article published on August 24, 2016.

World War II is over, and former German intelligence officer Captain Gregor Reinhardt has returned to Berlin. A year after Germany’s defeat, he has been hired back onto Berlin’s civilian police force. The city is divided among the victorious allied powers, but tensions are growing, and the police are riven by internal rivalries as factions within it jockey for power and influence with Berlin’s new masters. When a man is found slain in a broken-down tenement, Reinhardt embarks on a gruesome investigation uncovering a dangerous serial killer.


‘Although men might naturally be drawn to a novel about war there are many themes which others would find interesting to explore.’
Philipa Coughlan

‘We all know the adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. In this case I think you should judge it. I really like the cover and find it, like the book, intriguing. Had I seen it in a bookshop I would have been attracted to it immediately.’
Judith H.

‘I thought that the author used his comprehensive research in a way which enhanced the story in a compelling way and yet which never felt overtly intrusive.’
Linda Hepworth

‘This is a superior police procedural with a lot in common with the American private eye noir novels of the 1940s, the lone wold detective.’
Paul Burke

‘This is a welcome and refreshing[ly] different take on detective fiction.’
Nicholas Cutler

‘I felt the author created a vivid picture of post war Berlin during the course of the story.’
Deanne Wildsmith


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The Ashes of Berlin by Luke McCallin, published on 24 August, 2016 by No Exit Press, in paperback




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