Not working by Lisa Owens

Review published on October 7, 2016.

This is an unusual first novel. The protagonist, Clare, is living with her boyfriend, a trainee doctor of surgery. She decides her job is not satisfying her, and leaves on a whim. Her parents, boyfriend and other female friends are horrified that she has no idea what to do next.

The staccato style of short and long paragraphs suit the style of writing, but it can get a little muddled, and annoying, if you don’t concentrate.

The paragraphs where she is self-denigrating or drunk are raucously funny, but she eventually has to grow up and bite the bullet, job-wise.

The other mega annoying thing is, by the end of the book, you don’t really know what she decides to do next, and is obviously left open for a sequel.

Sue Goult 4/4

Not working by Lisa Owens
Picador 9781509806546 hbk Apr 2016


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