The Minor Outsider by Ted McDermott

Review published on October 30, 2016.

The premise of The Minor Outsider sounded like an interesting one, it being a story about two writers who meet and fall in love against a Montana backdrop. However, for me, it failed to live up to the hype.

The story is told from the perspective of Ed and we follow his experiences of meeting Taylor and how their relationship unfolds. There is the added complication of Ed’s tumour, which is spreading throughout his body. For me, Ed wasn’t a particularly likeable character. He seemed quite negative and very selfish. There was something very immature about him. I understand he may have had trouble dealing with the notion of his mortality, but I felt that he was simply in denial and it was frustrating to read about it.

There were a number of sex scenes and much like the moments they were describing, they were awkward and not very satisfying.

I did enjoy the descriptions of the Montana scenery and I wish there had been more of that throughout.

I felt the ending was disappointing. The author leaves things very open to the imagination, hinting of what may happen rather than actually going ahead with it. I felt it would have been more powerful to commit to it fully and write about it, however sad that may be.

This is the debut novel by this author and while I would not totally rule out reading another of his works, I’m not desperate to read more.

Tracy M 2/2

The Minor Outsider by Ted McDermott
One 9780992918279 pbk Apr 2016


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