WWAR90: Alastair on The Green Road by Anne Enright

Review published on October 1, 2016.

Late last year I watched Anne Enright interviewed live in Dublin. She was asked why she left so much for her readers to do. It was an impertinent question, but, she rose to it; ‘I respect them with the intelligence to fill in the gaps’. There’s plenty to work out and, yet, savour too in this fantastic novel. 20 years pass over the first 100 pages from the 4 different perspectives of the offspring of the central matriarchal character. Then, just as you’re marvelling at the technical structure of the tale, you arrive into a full blown family saga of a Christmas homecoming. I was blown away by its scope and left dwelling on it for quite some time.

Alastair Giles

The Green Road by Anne Enright


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