WWAR90: Guy on I Me Mine by George Harrison

Article published on October 6, 2016.

Non fiction from me this time and a hefty price tag of £40, all bar a penny. I Me Mine by George Harrison however was a perk of the job (although I didn’t know it was that much when I made a special pleading). Genesis have extended the original 1980 book – which I paid for – with the lyrics of all George’s songs and, in some instances, scans of the original composition. Scraps of hand written paper with crossings out, chord sequences and marginalia give the feel of time and effort put in to his music. The urge to create was obviously readily grasped using the backs of airmail letters, stationery from the Caneel Bay Plantation in the Virgin Islands and compliments slips from Handmade Films, another of this intriguing man’s many interests. Sometimes this memorabilia is faced up by a brief account of how the idea came together.

Truly an anorak’s delight and something to dip into repeatedly. Yet another example of how the book scores over the app or the e-book.

I Me Mine by George Harrison
Genesis Publications Extended edition 978-1905662401 hbk 632 pages Oct 2016


Weatherland by Alexandra Harris


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