Joey Barton – No Nonsense with Michael Calvin

Review published on November 5, 2016.

An Interesting Therapy Session from Joey

Like many Manchester City fans, I have a somewhat love/hate with Joey Barton; on one level I saw him play for City from the youth team into the first team. He could be breathtaking, hardworking and annoying, that is just in one game, but he always gave it all on the pitch. Plus, I like the fact that United fans blame him for being sent off which meant City won the league due to the added-on time, wrong, but still funny.

Michael Calvin has got to the heart of Joey Barton in this interesting autobiography, some may complain that he is self-absorbed, but it is about Joey after all, so we will see things from his point of view, get over it! He talks about some of the darkest periods in his life which saw him jailed. He could have run away from it and not put it in the book, but it is there. You do not have to agree with what he says about it, but at least he is honest about it, others would have skirted around the subject.

What he does say about Les Chapman is true, he is an institution at City and even now can still put a smile on most people’s faces. I am sure there are plenty of stories about Chappy that have been avoided being in print that Joey could tell but he does talk about the mentality of how he can keep it light in the dressing room. He also examines what makes managers tick and what he thinks of those he has had managing, nothing strange there really.

He also talks about his twitter activity from his first one in May 2011 and how he used it to support the Hillsborough Campaign for full disclosure, he has seen how social media can be a force for good. We also get quite a lot of Joey’s philosophy on all things and, whether you like it or not, he says it as he sees it. But anyone from the north, whether from Liverpool or Manchester will recognise the ability to call a spade a spade and that you are bound to upset someone. So be it, that is his nature.

If you can get past the hatred of Joey, put to one side what others say about him, and come to read the book with an open mind, it is an enjoyable if somewhat annoying read. Joey Barton is a footballer with opinions; you know what you are getting before you open the book. Don’t moan if you don’t agree, there are plenty of other footballer’s books next to this one on the shelf!

Paul Diggett 4/1

Joey Barton – No Nonsense
Simon Schuster 9781471147586 hbk Sep 2016



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