Author Resolutions 2017 – Saskia Sarginson

Article published on December 17, 2016.

Saskia Sarginson – author of The Other Me51tbmvxd-l

My working life has been interrupted this year. One of my dogs had a terrible accident and it took nine months to get her better. I couldn’t write at all during this period, instead spending the time reflecting and researching while sitting with her. The result is the novel I’m currently writing. The Wonderful is set on an American airbase in 1950s England in the midst of the Cold War. I’ve mixed up genres with elements of family drama, love story and thriller. There’s even a dash of science fiction. But no dogs! Next year, my resolution is to finish The Wonderful. I live with four grown-up children, a partner, and five animals, so am in need of a garden shed with a strong lock.

I have a confession: Annie Proulx’s Barkskins is still sitting beside my bed months after buying it. (Note to self: do not buy books over 400 pages.) It’s brilliantly written and I must finish it. I’m late coming to the Elena Ferrante novels, but am poised to read My Brilliant Friend. Can’t wait to start Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth. And have promised my son to read Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything.


The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson


Cathar by Christopher Bland

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