The Cursing Stone by Adrian Harvey

Review published on January 20, 2017.

Fergus lives on the island of Hinba in the Western Isles of Scotland, where his family have been postmasters for generations. He is 21 and engaged to his childhood sweetheart when news comes to the island that a stone ball, a relic of the time of St. Columba, has been offered for sale at an auction house in Glasgow. It belongs to the island, it must be returned.

Fergus goes off on a quest with the blessing of his family and, like the knights of old, he is helped by strangers along the way, first of all in Glasgow and then in London.

This is a curious book, not helped by the fact that Fergus dreams strange dreams that are interspersed with the narrative of the search and which add nothing to the plot.

The book did not excite me at all, since there is a lack of narrative drive, the characters do not leap off the page and the descriptions of locations are run of the mill.

I was also annoyed by mistakes in spelling and punctuation that should have been picked up by the proofreader.

Adrian Harvey can write, but this book just did not have anything for me.

Dorothy Anderson 1/1

The Cursing Stone by Adrian Harvey
Urbane Publications 9781911129189 pbk Nov 2016


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