How Not to Fall in Love, Actually by Catherine Bennetto

Article published on February 14, 2017.

Emma works in television with Z list actors. She is an assistant director, which sounds glamorous but really isn’t!

She finds herself pregnant to an irresponsible young man called Ned, who is working with a friend trying to invent something that will make their fortunes. Unfortunately, all their ideas are nonstarters and Emma has been financing him. When she eventually tells Ned that she is pregnant, he is not ready to take on the responsibility of being a father. He doesn’t want to get a job either. When he asks her to have an abortion, Emma asks him to leave.

Emma is not very efficient and often forgets to arrange extras for her television programmes. She has been given a last warning and, when a further incident occurs, she tells everyone what she thinks of them and resigns before she can be sacked.

Emma’s mother is horrified to learn that Ned has appropriated all of Emma’s savings and she goes on a mission to get him to repay her. However, Emma is still very fond of Ned and so isn’t prepared to fight.

The rest of the story follows Emma’s journey through pregnancy and the many funny happenings that occur along the way.

This book is described as a laugh out loud romantic comedy but, while I found some parts to be funny, it certainly didn’t make me laugh out loud. However, the story itself is good and it kept me interested enough to want to find out how it all ends. There are twists and turns and so many different characters that sometimes I lost track of who was who. It is an easy, interesting read. The characters are well described by the author. A lot of them are eccentric and off the wall, but they also add something to this story. This is Catherine Bennetto’s debut novel and her work is very easy to read.

However, if you are easily offended by bad language like some people in my book club are, this may not be the book for you. It includes the use of profanities, which actually do fit into the dialogue, and it didn’t bother me.

Carol Q 4/3

How Not to Fall in Love, Actually by Catherine Bennetto
Simon & Schuster UK 9781471160004 pbk Jan 2017


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